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The power of networking…

If I had a pound for every time I heard “Sorry, my business cards are being printed” or “Ahhhh, I didn’t bring any with me” I’d be at least a few hundred quid better off.

The thing is, I didn’t hear any excuses like that when we took a number of Bath-based startups on a trip to Silicon Valley (BubbleBath). Everyone I met gave me a business card (some nicer than others – the cards that is!) and, what’s more, followed up via LinkedIn or an email in the next few days. How often do you do that? I know I don’t do it often enough as I’ve still got a pile of cards in front of my monitor right now.

This is another one of those fundamental differences in attitude between the UK and the US. Everywhere you go is seen as a business networking opportunity in San Francisco. But why is that any different than here? Bath is a city where there’s only a couple of degrees of separation (especially if you like Rugby), so it’s got to be easy to make useful business connections here, right? And with all the digital tools at our fingertips now there really is no reason not to have hundreds or thousands of friends (BTW, I know they’re not really “friends”!) who can help your business grow faster.

Perhaps it’s time to brush off that LinkedIn account and to think of Facebook as a fantastic business tool? Oh… and actually get 1000 of those business cards printed and stuffed in all your jackets pockets so I don’t ask you for a quid next time we meet up…

About Richard Godfrey

CEO of Bath-based iPrinciples and KoodibooK. Back in 2007 I left the comfort of 9 years working for Microsoft and started iPrinciples, originally at the Bath Innovation Centre. Software is our passion and we’ve built some amazing applications over the past few years including stuff for the BBC, Bank of America, Microsoft and other big names. However, we mostly love incubating our own ideas (like www.koodibook.com) and working with local start-ups to create something innovative that is going to change the world.


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