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Bath Digital Festival cometh…

About 18 months or so ago I had the idea of running a festival of technology in or around the Bath area. At the time I sketched down a bunch of thoughts for what such a thing might entail and – possibly as important – why.

It took maybe six months before I plucked up the courage or found the time to tell anyone my thoughts. Once I did, though, the response I got pretty much set the tone for everything that has happened since then: an incredible, wonderful and infectious enthusiasm.

It turns out this wasn’t so much an idea that I’d had as one which was waiting to be had by someone.

Initially I thought that a festival (as in a festival in a field with tech stuff going on amongst noodles and bands) would be a good idea. I still like this idea, by the way, so watch out…but…once it started to become clear that this whole thing might be turning into a real plan we started to shift our focus to the {slightly} more practical idea which we now have.

Over ten days, from the 15th to 25th March, we have 28 events running at venues around the city. Speaking events, conference events, talks, debates, workshops, creative events, pitches…

The thing that has blown me away about this whole thing has been the realisation of exactly the thing I believe most strongly about technology: tech people are amazing – but things get even more amazing when you mix things up with business people, creative people, innovative people, authors, writers, artists, musicians – and anyone else who wants to play. This is the belief which has underpinned The Big M, BathCamp, Bath Digital, The Digitality.. and for me it is this variety that I’m most excited about on the eve of Bath’s first Digital Festival.

To fully understand this variety, you’ll have to head over to the festival website rather than listen to me trying to stumble through it all, but to give you a taste there’s stuff for entertainment people, mobile people, business people, not for profit people, terrified people, geeky people, publishing people…a huge, wonderful, creative mix of stuff.

Much of it is free thanks to the generous support of an incredible array of sponsors. Go book now: you too can be part of the beginning of an amazing thing!

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‘Enlighten us, but make it quick’ – Ignite comes to Bath

As a part of the Digital Festival we are running the first ever Ignite Bath on 23rd March, 1-2pm.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ignite, it is a global phenomenon which came to life in Seattle in September 2006.

An Ignite event is a get-together of speakers who have something to share. What makes it fast, fun and fairly furious is the fact each speaker has five minutes and a slide deck comprising of 20 slides timed to change every 15 seconds.

It is fun and you will leave knowing more than when you arrived.

Bath being a hotbed of creativity we are hoping to attract a range of speakers. All ideas are welcome and we will help you with setting up your slide deck.

If you fancy attending (it’s free!) then check out the event listing on the Bath Digital Festival site – we also need speakers, so drop us a line using the festival contact form if you’d like to present.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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